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sexaudia is the world's first and only radio station dedicated to all things sex. sexaudia was launched in 2005 with the intention to bring entertainment, education, and an overall open attitude toward human sexuality.

Feel free to send us comments about the station, our programming, ideas for new shows, or anything else - we welcome your feedback.

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(510) 962-4385 Erie, PA USA

The Crew

Craig - Founder
Ashley - Content/PR
Rachel - Content/PR
Bonnie - Content/PR
Audrey - Voiceovers
Eric - Content

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Brand New Episode!
Irrational Public Radio
The 2012 IPR presentation of the lost Fresh Air interviews - with Alice Jack Moe Halfgill; raconteur, author, musician, and ex-nun/cheerleader/chimp.  This episode co-sponsored by the Society for the Appreciation of Paper-Based Housing and the Margaret I. Powfergle Institute for Vests and Vest-related Items

Another Special IPR Presentation of Fresh Air