Discreet Confessions

During this exclusive sexaudia show, you will hear listener-submitted stories of real life sexual experiences. We invite all of you to phone in anytime and tell us your steamiest, funniest, strangest stories and fantasies.

Once your story is recieved, it will be screened and used on our Discreet Confessions program.(Request it now!)

** Record YOUR STORY! Here : **
1. Press the record button, speak your story into your mic.
2. Press STOP when finished, then listen to repreview your confession.
3. Press Finished to send us your confession.
4. If you have trouble, email us your MP3 confession (info@sexaudia.com)
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Brand New Episode!
Irrational Public Radio
The 2012 IPR presentation of the lost Fresh Air interviews - with Alice Jack Moe Halfgill; raconteur, author, musician, and ex-nun/cheerleader/chimp.  This episode co-sponsored by the Society for the Appreciation of Paper-Based Housing and the Margaret I. Powfergle Institute for Vests and Vest-related Items

Another Special IPR Presentation of Fresh Air