Top Sex News Stories for Thursday th 21st, 2019

Christian college bans gay sex   (2015-02-28)
A private South Carolina Christian college with two openly gay volleyball players has issued a ban on gay sex.

How Spock became a sex symbol   (2015-02-28)
Nimoy was a method actor, who in creating Spock, gave what could have been a gimmicky, two-dimensional character hidden depths, which in turn gave him sex appeal.

Fifty Shades effect on porn searches   (2015-02-28)
The film release of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' has turned the world into kinky devils, according to the latest Pornhub search statistics.

Catwoman revealed as bisexual   (2015-02-28)
In the new issue of the DC comic, Catwoman #39, the character Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, kisses another woman and confirms a long-held rumour about her sexuality.

South Korea legalises adultery   (2015-02-27)
Constitutional Court says state should not intervene in people's private lives

Why so many women don't enjoy sex   (2015-02-27)
Even now, female sexuality is defined by what men want. Is it any wonder their partners are so often unsatisfied?

Russell Brand attacks the sex and porn industry   (2015-02-27)
Brand criticized the porn industry, not because viewers see "too much" but because people are shown "too little"

Who should be teaching children about sex?   (2015-02-27)
Should the onus on providing sex education be on schools alone? What is the rest of society doing that is age appropriate

Google rescinds Blogger porn ban   (2015-02-27)
Google has decided it was a bit hasty in its decision to ban porn from Blogger, and that it might affect some bloggers negatively.

The Internet has already revolutionized prostitution   (2015-02-26)
The University of Colorado Law School professor believes that technology could make prostitution even safer, if only we'd let it.

14 top-selling dildos   (2015-02-26)
When it comes to pleasure peripherals, dildos aren't for everyone. So some companies are thinking outside the (dick in a) box with new sex toys

Wired's perfect cover for its sex in the digital age issue   (2015-02-26)
The stories inside live up to the cover, covering everything from virtual reality porn to the demise of RedBook, a website specifically for sex workers.

Porn stars are using Snapchat to make money   (2015-02-26)
Porn stars have begun selling 10-second porn videos on Snapchat using the app's new payment feature, Snapcash [

Is Google's Blogger porn ban ill-considered   (2015-02-26)
Google's decision to force blogs hosting adult content into becoming invitation-only services is a deliberate and ill-considered sabotage on free speech and connectivity

Sex practices orthodox Jews deem kosher   (2015-02-25)
A new documentary by filmmaker Ori Gruder, entitled 'Sacred Sperm,' looks at the taboos and traditions surrounding sex in the Orthodox community.

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